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Wellness is more than just nutrition and exercise. It is about living your most happy and vibrant life! 

Do you resonate with any of these?

  • Going through a transition period with health, work, school, or relationships

  • Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or depleted and not sure how to recover

  • Feeling stuck or uninspired

  • Can’t stick with a health goal because of competing priorities

  • Want a wellness plan that works for YOUR specific lifestyle, priorities, and capacity

  • Working with a chronic illness and not sure how to stay healthy

  • Want to look good on the outside and also feel good on the inside

  • Ready to work on your overall well-being but feel like you’re on your own 

I can help! I am a Thrive Coach specializing in a mindful, authentic, whole-person approach to wellness.  I partner with you to explore all facets of your self to help you feel CALM, BALANCED and in the FLOW. I trained at Duke Integrative Medicine with an emphasis on evidence-based coaching, mindful awareness, holistic healing, and empowered living.

Here’s what you will gain from working with me:

  • a calmer approach to dealing with day-to-day stresses 

  • a clear, actionable plan to deal with health goals and life transitions

  • a supportive ally that will also hold you accountable

  • a more balanced way of living life

  • easeful flow

Schedule a free consult now to see how working with me can help you go from just surviving to THRIVING!

My Credentials

I received my Integrative Health Coach Professional training at the leading program in the country — Duke Integrative Medicine. I also have a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Sociology, and extensive experience working in the life science industry.

Why I do it

Following breast cancer treatment in 2017, I looked for ways to better help myself heal. This is when I found Mindfulness and Integrative Medicine. I explored the whole spectrum of my life beyond just diet and exercise, and I found ways to reclaim my health and make me whole again. In many ways, I am doing better than before diagnosis. I am thriving!

My story is a proven testament that we can help ourselves attain the best version of ourselves with the right mindset and support.

I learned how to thrive amidst adversity - and now it’s time to share this gift with the world!  

I look forward to working with you!