Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I am the daughter of Cuban immigrants and with a deep love and respect for my culture and heritage. After studying at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois I made my way to New York City and have made a homestead in Brooklyn.

My healing journey has spanned a range of mediums and teachers, but I consider every aspect of my life part of this cyclical process. As a child I was curious and engaged in a range of practices and workshops from a temazcal ceremony to firewalking. As one does, I grew skeptical as I grew older and after receiving my first tarot reading at age 15, I dismissed the practice temporarily only to come back with renewed gusto in 2014. Since then, I have studied the tarot with Lindsay Mack over the course of a year in an intensive mentorship and furthered this study through rigorous meditation and scholarly study of allegory and archetypes.

My yoga practice has guided me on and off (sometimes very off) for 14 years and has become more dedicated over the past 5. My teachers include Justin Ritchie (Constant Yogi), Ken Roen and Lina Vallejo (Skanda Yoga, Miami). I am currently training for my 200 hour certification at Yoga Shanti with a range of teachers and mentors including Colleen and Rodney Yee. I additionally study physical subtle energetic practices inspired by the chakra system, but also science.

In addition to my healing practice and studies, I have 8 years of professional experience ranging from creative staffing and technology to digital content, writing, editing, research and production. The dance between corporate professionalism, creative expression and magic is the most fun and my favorite way to be.

Art forms I study and pursue include improv, storytelling, poetry, piano, singing, songwriting and fiction. I believe creative outlets are just as important as therapy to being your best and most authentic self (which is to say the only way to remain sane and not turn into a robot in our overly informed, overly automated world) and am wholly dedicated to expression, intuition and healing.