Book Your Session With Alessandra

  • Tarot
    • Boneseed Intuitive Empowerment - 90 min session ($175) for beginner and intermediate readers, this practice helps you interpret the cards with your own intuition. 
    • Boneseed reading + Restorative Meditation - 90 min session ($175) this reading uses 3 decks, explore the chakras and concludes with a guided meditation and mind body practice.
    • Duality Reading - 90 min session ($175) for couples.
    • Tarot Reading - 60 min session (sliding scale $80-$125) a standard tarot reading.
  • Consulting
    • Introductory Counseling - 30 min session ($50)
    • Resumé/ Portfolio Review - 30 min session ($50 for one) or 50 min session ($85 for both)
    • Interview Coaching - 50 min session ($85)
  • Yoga
    • Yoga for Intuition + Sexual Empowerment - 90 min session ($175) using breath, meditation and postures, this practice is designed to get you back into your body and begin a process of love and trust (discounts available for package purchases)
  • Tarot lessons
    • Private Tarot Lessons - 90 min sessions ($150 x 12) over the course of 12 weeks we will dive into the major arcana, minor arcana, court cards, spreads and intuition. I specialize in a storytelling approach, connecting the cards to your experience and favorite books, fairy tales and even TV shows.

Email hi@alessandracalderin.com to book your session.
Please allow 24 hour notice.




Alessandra is an intuitive and empathic healing facilitator, teacher, writer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has studied tarot under the tutelage of the wondrous Lindsay Mack, and furthered her intuitive gifts through research, meditative and journaling practices. A student since age 12, she completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Shanti, and completed specialized training on Yoga for the Pelvic Floor with Leslie Howard and Energy and the Subtle Body with Justine Ritchie whom she is currently continuing her study with in a mentorship capacity.

A student and performer at the Magnet Theater, Alessandra has performed as an improvisor, storyteller, essayist and, most recently, host for her very own variety show Sex Magic. She also writes poetry and is currently giving her spare life blood to a novel about witches. 

In addition to my healing practice and studies, I have 8 years of professional experience ranging from creative staffing and technology to digital content, writing, editing, research and production. The dance between corporate professionalism, creative expression and magic is the most fun and my favorite way to be.

Art forms I study and pursue include improv, storytelling, poetry, piano, singing, songwriting and fiction. I believe creative outlets are just as important as therapy to being your best and most authentic self (which is to say the only way to remain sane and not turn into a robot in our overly informed, overly automated world) and am wholly dedicated to expression, intuition and healing.