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  • Rose Healing Ritual - (2.5 - 3 hrs) $300 - 450 (suggested donation)

  • Rose Healing Ritual with 90min flower essence follow up - $400 - 550 (suggested donation)

  • Flower Essence Therapy (includes custom flower essence formulation) -Initial session (90 mins) $150 - 300/ Follow Up Session (60mins) $150 - 250

  • Reiki/IET/Energy Healing Session - $100 - 200 (60mins), $150 - 250 (90mins)

  • Psychic Surgery - $100 - 200 (60 - 75mins)

  • Combination Session of Flower Essence & Energy Healing/ Reiki - $250 - 450 (120mins)

  • Mother’s Blessing Ritual or other Rites of passage rituals & ceremonies - Contact Aki via

  • 5 Session-Pack Energy Work $450/ 10 Session-Pack $850

  • 5 Session-pack Flower Essence $700/ 10 Session-Pack $1200

Healing session Packages - It is often the quickest way to find harmony and peace in your Body/Mind/Spirit when you commit to a regular sessions for a period of time. These packages are created so you will stick to the program for the maximum result.

Community discount application

The notion that these healing practices are only for those who can afford to pay a premium price undermines the principle of true healing.  I offer sliding scale to all of my clients - and this application is for those who might not be in a position financially to be able to afford those sliding scale rate.

MINKA brooklyn also offers Community Reiki and Community acupuncture starting at $25 for Medicaid/medicare recipient, and $40 - 60 for anyone else.  Please consider taking advantage of their services as well.

Please note that the priority will be given to: BIPOC, single parents, public servants, abuse and trauma survivors, social workers and school teachers, though it is not limited to these listed above.



Aki Hirata Baker is an Empress with a spirit of the Magician and the heart of the High Priestess.  Just as her natal chart suggests, she is a Phoenix who constantly re-invent herself of who she is, who she thinks she is, and who she aspires to be.  Her love for mysticism and forces unseen was evident in her second grade essay, in which she proclaimed she wanted to be a Witch when she grew up.  Driven by her passion for understanding powers in all things, and her struggle with depression and chronic physical ailments, Aki had studied various healing modalities such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Integral Hatha Yoga, meditation, Essential Oils, Bach & FES flower essence, Reiki and other forms of energy healing practices. Her body, mind and soul have been very happy with one another for several years though these practices.

In this current life time, she is a Flower Essence Therapist, energetic healing practitioner, Reiki master, meditator, community activist, food lover, healing & spiritual guide, artist, serial business owner, urban farmer, domestic violence survivor, mother to Saya, Shintaro & San, and wife to Ronald.  Her current project is MINKA brooklyn, a center for wellness & holistic living, which she co-founded with her business partners.  MINKA brooklyn continues the legacy of the COMPOUND brooklyn, the COMPOUND COWORK, and Adopt-A-Farmbox; creating inclusive communities that are self-sustaining and empowering individuals to evolve to their best possible versions of themselves.  

She calls Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn her home for the past 16 years, where her misfit spirit resides comfortably with other beautifully messy spirits.  She was born and raised in Japan, and spend several years in Americus and Atlanta, Georgia en route to Brooklyn.  She blames her Southern living for her strange accent.

On most days, you can find Aki at MINKA brooklyn offering private healing sessions, or simply being a Mama Bear. 

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For ritual and ceremony facilitation or speaking engagement, please contact her at